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High speed 450 + Bath Bombs/hour production rate.  Intelligent safety system, robust, efficient, enterprise level functionality.  CE certified.

Our B-3 Bomber machine is used by Soap Makers, Bath Bomb Makers and Contract Manufacturers to quickly scale up bath fizzy production to win and retain contracts.  Some of our customers achieve production rates over 750 -- with one machine!  Some of our larger customers produce 1,000,000 bath bombs per month operating multiple machines!  Other customers are small businesses who appreciate the speed, safety and ease of our B-3 machines and molds.

Who doesn't enjoy a little pampering at the end of a long day? With our Bath Bomb Business Package, you can be the lucky person to introduce people to their next favorite thing--while making you a handsome profit!

What are Bath Bombs? They are effervescent, multi-sensory spheres that slowly dissolve and turn even ordinary baths into moments of tranquility and spa-like relaxation with delicate bubbles, soothing oils, enchanting fragrances and even beautiful flower petals.

If you are looking to get into the business of making and selling your own unique bath bombs or already have a bath bomb business and are ready to take it to the next level, our Bath Bomb Business package is for you!

Bath Bombs...made by you and earning you money!

Fast, Consistent Production

To be able to make serious income from bath bombs, you need to be able to make significant numbers of bath bombs quickly and easily. With our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine, beginners can learn how to use the machine to make 250 bath bombs per hour. With a helper providing mix, over 450 per hour is possible!  Some of our Customers are achieving  over 750 bath bombs per hour, per machine!  Some customers have many machines and are growing!

Earning More Money

The 2nd key component of our Bath Bomb Business Package is the Bath Bomb Business Guide 3-ring binder. Inside are sales and marketing tips including strategies that will give you the confidence and creative ideas to sell your bath bombs for real profit!  Materials suppliers are also listed.ecover3-8-11-type-2small.jpg

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Customer Images

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Profit Margin Example:

For a batch of 225 bath bombs, ingredient cost (from suppliers I list in my business guide) would be about $85 dollars. This gives a per bath bomb ingredient cost of about $0.38/bomb. If you survey what bath bombs are priced in retail locations, you'll likely see a range of $3.00 to $8.00 per bath bomb. Typically Lush.com bath bombs are in the $4.95 + range. So at the 'low' end of $3.00, the profit would be $2.62 per bath bomb, or $589.50 for 225 bath bombs. If you sold them, say at $4.95, the profit would be $4.57 per bath bomb, or $1,028.25 for 225. Now do you see why Lush is doing so well?

Global Shipping

Spheres, cubes, cupcakes, tablets, half spheres, dimpled spheres--we have those shapes--and more are coming!  Click on "Shop" in our header above to view our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Presses and array of molds for bath bomb production.


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